Impact-Resistant Phone Case for iPhone X – Under-The-Sea

  • $24.99

Extremely durable and stylish phone case, featuring a lovely under-the-sea design. Makes a wonderful must-have accessory for the busy parent, stylish dresser, and frequent traveler.

High-Quality Material – lightweight Lexan plastic developed by General Electric Plastic makes it extremely strong, durable, and impact-resistant; flexible rubber liner absorbs the shock

Practical Design  lay-flat bezel protects the screen from small scratches; UV protective layer provides excellent resistance to outdoor weathering, long-term optical quality

Convenient - Supports wireless charging


The perfect complement for the busy parent, stylish dresser, and frequent traveler


Care instructions

Clean with damp cotton or microfiber cloth. Add a drop of dish soap to the rag if needed. Wipe the soap down with a clean and damp cloth.

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